Protect the Locals - Squeaky (adult)

Salty Soul Clothing


Did you know that dolphins are natural acrobats of the sea? Oh, yes! These marvelous mammals are the Olympic champions of underwater flips and twists. They love to leap high above the water's surface and perform incredible aerial stunts. Dolphins are not only skilled jumpers; they also have their very own signature moves! Just like dancers with their unique styles, dolphins have personalized acrobatic routines. They might do somersaults, backflips, or even spin like a spinning top in the air.

Dolphins truly are the ocean's extraordinary acrobats, bringing a splash of excitement and wonder to our marine world!
  • 3.5 oz./yd², 100% microfiber performance polyester
  • Paragon Plus moisture-management properties
  • Anti-microbial & wrinkle resistant finish
  • UPF 50+ protection

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